Enroll To EDF Energy Account To Submit Your Meter Reading

EDF Energy Company is giving the offer to their customer in terms of submitting their meter readings with the help of internet and payment of bills can also made online. Here is the procedure for submitting the readings.


  • If you are also a customer of this Company and want to attain the online billing payment facility of gas and electricity meters, you can go to this link for making this procedure online. www.edfenergy.com/meterreadingform .
  • After you will get your self redirect to the resulted page, you will see steps for submitting your meter reading at the company’s web site through you account.
  • First of all you will be required to give the account number which you have assigned by the company to you. This is a unique number given to each customer at the time of registering for company’s electricity services. This number contains 12 digits and start with digits ‘67’ defined by the company. Enter a valid account number in the field and move to the next field.
  • In the field given below, you will be required to enter the post code of the country or city from which you are currently belonging.
  • After giving valid data to the both of these fields, click on the button labeled as “Continue” located below of these fields.
  • After approaching to the next page, company will required from you some of your personal information in order to enroll you for submitting the meter readings online. Give you name, address, contact details and other information as per asked by the company in the relevant text fields given on the page.
  • After completing proceed for the next page. At the next page, you will be needed to enter the meter reading which you want to submit to the company. You will be given the options that whether you want to give the meter readings for your electricity connection or for your gas connection. Give the exact figures as shown to your meter.
  • Fill out the page completely and give all of the information which is necessary and asked on the page. After filling the entire page, submit your information to the company.
  • If you will have completed the entire process successfully you will be given the completion page which shows the receiving of your meter readings by the company.

About Company:

One of the well known electricity and gas providing company of United Kingdom is EDF Energy which is famous for providing better gas and electricity connection facilities to the customers. They have proved their standards if the quality services and has many customers all over the state.

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