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About Company

Engrade is a free utility that offers a collaborative platform for teachers across many countries of the world. It is basically a digital grading book option for district level school teachers. The schools registered at Engrade can contribute to standardization of curriculum nationally and globally. Each registered school in turn can provide access to online platform for parent teacher communication and continuous monitoring of student performance through assigning sub accounts to their teachers.

Each teachers account is in turn linked with sub-account with their students and parents of the students. Students assignments can be uploaded and graded online and a customized report card can also be created to be viewed by parents.

Why Sign Up For Engrade?

Through signing up for Engrade a teacher can

  1. Create a virtual class for existing student batches and import student details from any other software into Engrade automatically.
  2. Print flyers for allotting system generated student access codes for student or parent account.
  3. Copy classes to next grading period within same school year or to the next school year.
  4. Upload assignments for students and schedule the semester plan for assignments.
  5. Copy assignments to next school year.
  6. Set up grading plan for accumulated scoring.
  7. Grade assignments submitted by student online. The total score of the student are update directly according to the weighted grid. There is no need to upload any file.
  8. Email or text students and parents through Engrade as and when required.
  9. Create wikis

How To Sign Up For Engrade

  1. Administrators already having an Engrade account can attach it to the school of their choice .
  2. Log on to Engrade site at
  3. Select your account type from Administrator/ school ,Teacher, Student, Student parents.
  4. For Administrator/ school sign up use Name, Email, Phone number, user name password.
  5. For teacher sign up Use name , email , user name and password.
  6. For student or a parent sign up use the teacher assigned access codes. These should be entered in the format teacher-xxxxxxx-yyyy.Each sub part shall be entered in a separate line.

Privacy Policy

The grading book, student grades, parents and students personally identifiable information collected through Engrade is protected through US Family Education Right to Privacy Act (UFERPA).This is why all student or parent information to which teachers and administrators have access and that you share through Engrade is secure and never shared with third parties. Schools in European union countries must be aware however that any information they share to Engared is subject to the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework.

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