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Troy Michigan is the publisher of coupon books under the Entertainment Publication. Entertainment publication has a very strong reputation and many users are the customers of this publication. Its history goes back a long time and it has been giving benefits to people from a very long time. You can purchase its books fro and while purchasing you can activate that book by just following some simple steps and then you can enjoy numerous deals and offers but if you have bought the book offline then you will have to register the book online to get all those offers and discounts for which you have bought the book. You can start saving your money just after activating your entertainment book which requires some very simple but essential steps.

Entertainment Book Online Facilities:

There are many facilities by which we can maintain our budget and we can enjoy a lot more than we ever expected in the same budget by buying these entertainment books and activating them online.


1-      You can get 2 new coupons on 50% sale and in the price of 1.

2-      You can get access to many printable coupons.

3-      You can get discounts with many popular retailers.

4-      You can get cheap tickets for movies.

5-      You can get the discount tickets for the latest events.

6-      You can attend the most latest and your most favourite concerts with tickets purchased with discounts.

7-      You can get ongoing 20% savings at 20,000 merchants.

8-      Up to 70% off discounts at over 35,000 hotels.

9-      Worldwide printable grocery coupons are available easily.

10-  You can enjoy several daily deals and manage your coupons and budget perfectly and getting all what you want easily.

11-  You can also download the mobile application to get the latest notifications and schemes no matter wherever you are.

How To Activate Your Entertainment Book Online?

  Offline Purchased Book Activation:

1-      If you have bought the book offline then go to the website .

2-      You must also get the free card as a gift with the book which will have its number that will allow you to get the book activated online.

3-      Create your account on the website by providing all the required information.

4-      Activate your membership by providing your E-mail address.

5-      Provide your card number and the year of publication of the book or the book edition no.

6-      Provide the name of the place where you purchased the book.

7-      Click “Begin Activation” and your offline purchased book will be activated.

8-      Enjoy your discounts.

Online Purchased Book Activation:

1-      Create your account on the website

2-      Provide your e-mail address and all the other required details.

3-      Enter the access code or the membership card number with no spaces.

4-      Click on “Begin Activation” and your book will be activated while you purchase it.

5-      The activation options will be given to you while you are purchasing the book online and all you have to do is to follow the steps and then enjoy your discounts.

Why The Book Is Published Every Year?

The book is published every year and a new edition is presented in the public so that the people can get access to the latest discounts and coupons along with the deals and offers.

The Entertainment Publication provides these discounts and coupons for restaurants, concerts, hotels, sports events along with in many other categories making people’s life easy to live with enjoyment.

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