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About Company

Wall mart is the pioneer in discount retailing. Through its intense and wide spread distribution network of large departmental stores throughout USA it is reaching a major portion of the population of USA. It is the ranked as the world’s largest food/ grocery retailer and is known to have the largest pool of human resource.

What Is Walmart Survey

The Walmart In-Store customer satisfaction survey is administered through Columbian market research firm called Maps. It is a questionnaire designed to solicit feedback from selected customers of the stores on their recent shopping experience at Walmart in order to improve the product and service quality.

Why Participate In Walmart Survey

Walmart values its customers and acknowledges that their time is precious. The survey takes almost fifteen minutes to complete and upon completion each participant is given one entry in drawing of five Walmart Shopping cards worth $ 1,000 each.

   Eligibility and Requirements

The eligible participants are those who are;

  1. Legal residents of USA or District of Columbia having legal age of 18 years, a PC and internet access.
  2. Conversant in English language or Spanish (for USA stores) or French (For Canadian stores)
  3. Not employed at Walmart store, Inc. and Sam’s Club.
  4. Not immediate family members of such employee; who live in the same household like husband, wife children, siblings and brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law.

Step by Step Guide To Participate In the Walmart Survey

  1. Go to the page or for USA stores or Canadian Stores respectively.
  2. Select input language as English or Spanish (for USA stores) OR Choose from among French or English (For Canadian Stores).
  3. Enter 5 digit zip code for USA Citizens or 6 digit zip code for Canadian citizens.
  4. Indicate that you are not an employee and also give your year of birth.
  5. Click YES to “do you have A receipt now”
  6. Enter store number and purchase ID # from the receipt.
  7. Answer questions clearly and honestly
  8. Indicate your intention to enter the quarterly sweepstake and provide further details if prompted.

Privacy Policy

  1. If the participant chooses to enter the quarterly sweepstake Walmart will protect any information shared by the participant under its relevant privacy policy.
  2. The information collected is never sold, shared or rented out to any unrelated third part.

Sweepstake Rules

  1. If you chose to enter sweepstake you will be contacted through phone or UPS not through email, within two weeks of the quarterly drawings.
  2. Sweepstake entry is not direct. To claim entry in sweepstake you will have to login to


Walmart survey is a great way to win free gift cards through monthly drawings at Walmart. Not all the customers get a chance to participate. Regular visitors are invited less than often to avoid redundant work.

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