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About Company

Founded in 1899 Equifax is the oldest credit risk assessment institution. From its meager existence as a Retail credit company the company has now grown into one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies in the world. The company is a Fortune 500 component and gathers credit related information from almost 400 million consumers around the world.

What Is A Credit Report

A credit report is an assessment of credit risk involved in a potential investment and points out the extent of exposure any lender can take against a potential borrower. The assessment is done taking into account the financial stability and asset backing held by the individual or corporation applying for the loan.

Credit report is a historical record of anyone that wants to apply for a loan. It contains information about Payment History like late payments, missed payments, loans rescheduled and bankruptcy etc., Credit Requests  , Account Diversity  i.e. information on diversity of borrowed lines of credit. Anyone who has been denied credit or insurance can ask for a credit report from Equifax.

How You Can Request A Free Credit Report By Equifax?

Anyone who is applying for a loan for first time, or who is applying for a new line of credit after having paid the previous one of any; of the following types

  1. Fraud Alert Credit
  2. State Credit for the Unemployed
  3. Credit from Public Welfare Assistance,
  4. Subsidized State Credit,
  5. Victim of Fraud.

Anyone who has received Risk-Based Pricing Notice, Account Review Pricing Notice or who has been denied Credit, Insurance, change in credit limit or other benefit can also apply.

Step By Step Process 

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the online form by providing name, date of birth, surname, and social security number.
  3. Indicate your length of stay at your current residence is more than two years or not.
  4. Read carefully the terms of service agreement and choose I accept the service agreement then press “Next”
  5. Now follow instructions to complete the process of online filing.

Once you have successfully filed the application for the free credit report you can follow your application status.

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