Install ESPN Scorecenter Apps And Get All The Latest On Sports On Your Device

If you are a sports fanatic, then you know the urgency that is always beating at your breast to be on top of the sports. Rest easy, thanks to a novel mobile application – ESPN Score center – you can always keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of sports.

ESPN score center is the revolutionary mobile application that the article is revving about. The mobile application delivers hundreds of live scores from diverse leagues the world over. The leagues are from a range of sports including football, cricket, basketball, and so on. The application is compatible with the Android 2.1 platform, and the process of installing this application is the subject matter that this article is hinged upon. More on how this installation comes about is explained later in the article.

This mobile application birthed from sports journalism most trusted brand has a number of exciting features.  Some of the features of this application are listed below:

Features Of The ESPN ScoreCenter APP

  • The game has personalized score boards, and live game details that include game statistics, and game summaries, and score boards;
  • There is a team option that has updates on all that is happening in a particular team – acquisitions, scandals, rumors and so  forth
  • Analyses of issues that cut through different sports leagues – transfer windows, ownership of teams, endorsements, are expounded on this application.

The burning question that you no doubt you might be asking at this point should inevitably look something like this: How do I get this mobile application? The long and short of the matter is that to get this mobile application you will need to download it from the ESPN proxy server that deals with matters regarding mobile application, the road that you will need to travel to download this installation resembles something like this:

How To Get The App And Install On Your Device

  • Your first port of call should be the following link –; this proxy server of the sports channel ESPN has all the ESPN mobile products that are available in the market;
  • On the main menu page, you have to select the platform on which you want the application to be hosted- Android, Apple, and Windows Phone are the three applications that are available;
  • When you have chosen the platform upon which you want to have your application hosted you need only click on the download button. At this point, you are well and truly logged on to the ESPN score center.
  • Here you just have to follow the instructions on downloading the app and then you can install the same
  • Visit Home page:

ESPN the most trusted brand in matters regarding sports reporting has elected to go the mobile application path on account of the fact that the mobile platform offers a convenience or ease to the sports lover that is second to no other platform available in the market.


If you seriously love your sport; if you are a fanatic on matters pertaining to sport; The ESPN Score center is definitely an application that will mesh well with your personality. Install this application on your mobile device and enjoy the pleasures that come with up to the minute information.

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