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Family fare is the popular supermarket serving food delis, fuel and pharmacies. It is a part of the owned distribution channel of Spartan stores, Inc., a Michigan based firm that is top tenth grocery retailer in America.

Like Marriott surveys the familyfare survey is also very easy to find on the web. A simple  address hosts this survey form. Thank heavens they did not go to a third party to administer it. That kind of arrangement sometimes creates confusion for a dumb like me because it makes me think “Is it a legit survey form or another of Spying tactics to get my email on the mailing list of any company for mail marketing”?

Does It Reward

Yes and No: Spartan’s family is based in Michigan the survey aims to reward its target market only. Each survey form from a legal aged person residing in Michigan will be rewarded with a gift card of 100 dollars. Customers from other states of USA are not eligible to be a part of the sweepstake.

Step By Step guide

The survey does require legitimate entry through survey number from purchase receipt at any of the store. Enter the receipt number and click: Continue”.

Next rate on a graded scale the different aspects of services by the store, like you could expect the following type questions.

  1. Your overall satisfaction level being specific about the
  2. Quality of product that made you come back as a repeat buyer (if you chose to tell them you a one).
  3. Availability , knowledge level and professional appearance of associates,
  4. Friendliness of cashier and speed of checkout process.
  5. Price paid for regular priced items and value you got for the price.
  6. At the end you enter the email , phone number for sweepstake administrator to contact you if you win the prize.


If you say you are unsatisfied the survey will explore if you had a specific problem that made you decide never to return to the store or recommend it to other people. You might think does that mean they are blaming ME for my opinion on their poor service? That’s a bit of an over statement. This question is just to identify customers that need to be contacted by a official of proper ranking so that the store can investigate any proper service provider at any outlet.

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