Participate In Famous Footwear Survey

Do you buy famous brand shoes? Or else have bought shoes ever from Famous Footwear? If this is the case then I must say you shouldn’t miss to take part on Famous Footwear survey and miss the opportunity of winning a special discount as well as a gift from famous footwear.

Do You Know What This Famous Footwear Survey And Famous Footwear Is?

Famous footwear is a popular chained shoe store which is here to accommodate you with your footwear needs and sells all types of famous brands of shoes for women as well as men of all times. You have the facility to buy famous brands such as Nike, Guess, Adidas, Converse and many other similar brands there and more excitingly at low and affordable prices.

This famous footwear survey is especially designed for you by famous footwear with the aim of gathering the comments as well as feedbacks of customers on their good or bad experience of shopping at famous footwear. If you did purchased any of the shoes from famous footwear and you are willing to give feedback on their services then you are required to participate by giving your comments and feedbacks.

Once you are done with all the questions for the feedback you will get a coupon code or some sort of other gift or reward from famous footwear. This will be way too helpful in saving a lot for you when you next buy from famous footwear.

How To Take Part In Famous Footwear Survey?


1-      To start on with it you are required to buy something from famous footwear and the receipt should be kept saved with you.

2-      You need the access of internet to deal with the whole process.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1-      Visit any of the stores of famous footwear, make a purchase and keep the receipt.

2-      You need to have a look of the website of the famous footwear survey, here is the link:

3-      Then you are required to enter the number of store that is provided above of your receipt and then hit click to the button marked as “continue”.

4-      According to the instructions, you are required to answer all of the questions that are written related to your experience of shopping at famous footwear.

5-      When you are done with all of the provided questions and are completed with all of the answers, then you will get a code for coupon from famous footwear. This coupon code will be beneficial for you to save your money for the next purchase.

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