Be Smart By Tracking Your Fedex Packages Online

Arguably, one of the biggest names in the world of courier service is FedEx.  While it might be difficult to decide which courier brand sits top the pecking order of things, one thing is certain: When the history of the courier industry is finally put down, the name FedEx will be more than just a footnote.

The reader who has taken time to read this article has definitely not come to pore through the plaudits that are going in the direction of FedEx. The reader has been directed by the headline to understand how they can track their FedEx packages online; the politics on how this plays out is expounded on below.

Guidelines To Registering For Fedex Packages Online:

  • Foremost, you will need to log on to the following link – ;
  • The window that opens up to you is tagged FedEx Tracking, on the left side of the page, there is a control panel click on the first item on top of the menu – Tracking Number;
  • There are basically three ways via which one can track their order:  By logging in a tracking number, by tracking by reference, and lastly by tracking by Transport Control Number. Each of these routes are specific to the cargo that you are tracking;
  • Each option basically has one road that leads to the tracking exercise commencing- the track button, click on it and you get to know the progress of your cargo.

As stated earlier each tracking process is ideal for a specific type of cargo. The Transport Control Number is the most ideal method for those who want to track government orders; the track by reference portal is ideal for those who have some reference to their cargo – a tracking number perhaps; whilst the straight option of going the tracking number route is ideal for those who have a simple reference to their cargo.

Things To Note:

The use of a tracking number is one way via which one can basically track their cargo, however it is by no means the only way, three alternatives still do exist for those who want to track their cargo: FedEx Mobile, FedEx Desktop; and FedEx Insight. These are basically three avenues via which one can track their cargo. All these options will require that you sign up for them and doing so ensures that you get notifications (in real time) on the status of your cargo via desktop, phone, and e-mail. All you need to do is sign up for the process to kick off.

The long and short of the matter is that in the world of business you need to be on top of things constantly. Having this knowledge helps you plan your activities around certainty as opposed to groping around in ignorance. The tracking service that is granted to all FedEx clients is one of the reasons why this vendor can lay claim to be the first among equals in this industry – get on board today, all savvy businessmen are on board, you would do well to join them.

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