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The LensCrafter is an international retailer Company which is directly affiliated with the industry of Eye care, like the manufacture of specialized lenses and glasses (Which includes sunglasses). Since its establishment in 1983, it has spread to over 850 locations worldwide, mainly concentrated in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. The stores contain an optometrist inside or nearby so that one can have their eyesight checked right before they purchase their glasses or their very own contact lenses. The optometrists are specially appointed by the company and are certified professionals in this field. At LensCrafter, you can buy eye lenses and glasses of nearly any design and choose a style of your very own choice. The style will be specially designed according to your facial design and will fit you perfectly, along with being fashionable and aid your eyesight for a very long time. You can get your lenses and glasses as quickly as one hour after your visit to their outlet. Service at this pace is hardly available at any other retail eye care store.

Apart from being one of the leading eye care brands in the world, LensCrafter also has a policy of keeping its valued customer satisfied as much as possible. This is achieved by their very special LensCrafter Customer Care Survey. It is extremely easy to fill and is available to nearly everyone.

How To Participate In The Lenscrafter Customer Care Survey?

The prerequisites for filling are:

  • A computer.
  • A decent internet connection.

The steps to fill the entire survey are extremely simple:

At LensCrafter, the company aims at much more than just manufacturing high quality optics. The main focus for the company is to keep its very valued customers satisfied to the utmost extent and ensure that everyone who rings their door returns home satisfied with every aspect. However, if they feel that the company lacks any sort of quality or has any flaw, then LensCrafter will ensure that the flaw is taken care of and it will not happen ever in the future. This shows the devotion LensCrafter shows towards its customers. Because, at LensCrafter, customer satisfaction is the top priority.

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