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If you want to dabble in the stock market, you need a vendor who has some heft, a vendor who has some degree of pedigree, a vendor that is professional in every sense of the word. The name you do well to remember is Fidelity Investments –that is the Financial Services firm that embodies all this qualities; below are reasons why.

Regarded as one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world, Fidelity Investment manages over 20 million individual and institution accounts as well as an excess of over 5,000 intermediary accounts. Regarded as the leading provider of work place savings plan in the US, the entity offers a diverse portfolio that includes the following products– retirement planning, portfolio guidance, brokerage services, etc.

Guideline For Opening Brokerage AccountOnline:

With numbers like this, it is only natural that you will want to partner with this; the article will focus on how you can basically sign up for a brokerage account with Fidelity Investment:

  • The first step is login onto the official site –;
  • The window that opens up to you basically ushers you into the main page of Fidelity Investment, on the main menu, click on the link that is tagged Open Account, click on it;
  • The Brokerage Account is under the savings and investment account, click on the open account option; fill up the requisite details.

Requirements Of Opening An Account:

You will need two things to open a brokerage account – a social security number, and your employers name and address. To fund this account, you will need to furnish the administrators of this website with a bank account number that has a routing number, and a brokerage account number that is allocated by the vendor (you will also require a specific brokerage account and this is also furnished by the vendor). Registering for this account will take you no less than 10 minutes, and the details that you give to the administrators to this site will never be passed on to a third party – that is an assurance that you get from the vendor. For more details visit home page:


Having a brokerage account on Fidelity comes with a number of advantages – Foremost, you have access to experienced investment representatives (both online or offline) twenty -four hours a day; you have a diverse range of investment choices (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, et al); lastly, you are equipped with comprehensive research tools to help you select the most appropriate investment vehicle for you. To kick start this investment you only need an initial deposit of $ 2,500. The key benefits of this account are as follows – there is no annual account fee that is levied to ‘maintain’ the account, second, you receive competitive margin rates, lastly on all transactions you simply get to be surcharged a sum of $ 8 (for all online U.S equity trades) – this is by far as low as you can find any commission in the Northern Hemisphere. Mull over the fact presented in this article, and partner with the professionals, partner with Fidelity Investments.

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