Enter The Food Network Merry Fieri Sweepstakes

Food and matters regarding food is what this article will harp upon.  Specifically, the article will harp upon the Food Network and more specifically a specific sweepstake that is up for grabs – The Merry Fieri Holiday Sweepstakes.

In this, sweepstake participants stand a chance at winning a gift certificate that is valued at $ 500; other gifts in the package include a chef’s jacket, a ceramic crock (red), a stainless steel cookware set, and a Guy Fieri Food Book that is signed. The most obvious question the discerning reader might obviously be asking at present is as follows: How do I get to be part of the action? That is the subject matter of the article.

Guideline On Registering For The Sweepstakes

To partake in this sweepstake you will have to sign up; the signing up process resembles something like this:

  • Foremost, you will need to weigh anchor at the Network Store Sweepstake Page; the hyper link that you will need is as follows: www.foodnetwork.com
  • On the main menu there is the option of opening an account, click on it;
  • You will be required to simply provide an e-mail address, and a password, you will then be required to fill out a questionnaire, do your thing;
  • After you have filled up all data fields simply click on the save button and you are officially in the sweepstakes.

Enlightenment Of On The Sweepstakes

It is important to note that when you sign up for the sweepstake, you subscribe to the Food Network channel by default. If the flood of newsletters from the broadcaster is a bit too much for you, then you can unsubscribe at any moment of your choosing. The sweepstake is open up to all residents of the fifty states of the USA. One must be over eighteen years of age to partake in this sweepstake that runs from the 12th of October to the 6th of December. The prices to be won are classified into three groups: Grand Prize – and the main prize is a gift certificate worth $ 500 and a number of gifts; First runner up – the major price in this category is a gift certificate worth $ 250 and a number of secondary gifts that are given together with the gift certificate; and lastly the second runner up here the main cash prize is a $ 100 gift certificate that is given in addition to the third runner up prize.


The only sweat that you will need to break to win any of these gift prices is the rigmarole that is required of you when you are signing up.  The Food Network would like to encourage you to come on board as the community of members celebrate matters food and dining; the reason the Food Network and its affiliate sister stations harp on healthy living is because we essentially desire that you get to live your life to the fullest in a healthy way; a reality that can only come to fruition when you eat right.

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