Take In Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey

Footlocker is the leading sports fashion in USA. With its more than four thousand stores nationwide it offers sports ware like sneakers, casual shoes from Adidas Nikes and Jordan, running shoes for men women and children. Its specialty is the basketball, running training, volleyball shoes for men women and children. Aside from globally recognized Nike Adidas, Reebok, ASICS and Converse for both men’s and women’s departments; the sore has Brooks , PUMA, Saucony and New balance brands in women’s range while Jordan and Underarm our in men’s ranges.

About Survey

It is a survey to gauge how happy customers are with what the store offers and also to get feedback on its products, services and on many other arenas. The store is a specialty store and wants to know the attributes its customer’s value the most in order to improve its services. The survey is powered by mind share technologies so privacy policy and sweepstake rules (if any associated to the survey) will be applied to it. or check out here : http://www.footlocker.com/promotion/promoId:5003168/?cm_mmc=Linkshare-_-Deeplink-_-Footlocker-_-Text

Step Guide To Take The Ten Percent Off-Reward From Footlocker.

  1. Go to www.footlockersurvey.com this will take you to the webpage hosted by mind share technologies.
  2. Enter five digit store number that is at top left corner of your screen. Push the forward arrow on the screen. You could also hit enter from your keyboard.
  3. Start answering the questions one at a time. These questions will be aimed at getting your feedback on product range, brand availability, store layout, and customer service offered at footlocker.
  4. You can always go back and revise the answer but for that use form navigation not browser buttons.
  5. Get a validation code and write it somewhere on the purchase receipt from your recent visit.
  6. Now use your purchase receipt with a validation code on it to get a 10 percent discount on your next trip to Footlockers for anything you buy above 50 dollars amount.
  7. At the end of the survey, wait for the validation code that appears on the screen. This code will give you a chance to get ten percent t off your next purchase of 50 dollar or above at footlocker.


For sportsperson who regularly shop at Footlocker the customer satisfaction survey is a great way to turn their purchase receipt into a 10 percent discount coupon.

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