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Foremost insurance group is a part of Farmer’s Group international and is the pioneer specialty insurance provider in 41 states of USA. Its’ headquarter is in Caledonia, Michigan. Foremost insurance has a wide range of insurance plans for individuals and for small commercial businesses.

It provides cover to home owners through its specialty home, manufactured home and motor home offer For real estate owners it has products like landlord and rental property and also vacant property insurance. Auto owners and travel enthusiasts can opt for, luxury motor coach, travel trailers and motor home.

What Is Foremost Pay Online?

Policyholders can also get a facility for automatics monthly payments by signing up. Payments can then be made against any number of policies either as an electronic fund transfers from checking account or through VISA or Master credit card. The information that the site collects is contact information, policy number and bank or credit card information. Once enrolled a policyholder can use the same account make payments for a Farmers Group’s policy.

How To Enroll For Foremost Automatic Billing Online

Who Can Enroll?

All policy holders with legitimate policy number of Foremost Insurance group can make onetime online payments there is no need to enroll for this. However anyone who wants to view account/ billing statements online or make automatic periodic payments enrolment through a proper user name and password is a must.

Step By Step Guide

  • Go to https://secure4.billerweb.com/fmi/enr.do
  • Choose your customer type form the pull done menu 9indvidual or business).
  • Enter policy number as a continuous stream without any separators.
  • Enter Zip code of your area.
  • Enter personally identifiable information like street address, email and telephone number.
  • If you opt for payments through withdrawals at the bank identify the bank and your account details.
  • If you opt for the payments through credit card enter an email address is not mandatory but will ensure you to get a confirmation email after each payment.
  • Check your email account for confirmation mail containing n authentication link or a code that will activate your account.

Important Tips

  • If you use a credit card then provide an email address during enrolment process and while making payments to ensure receipt of a confirmation email. Payment through credit card without n email account is not confirmed by Foremost Online.
  • Make sure to pay before 6:30 pm on the last date for payment. Any payment beyond 6:30 is considered to be taken as made on the following day.
  • Payments returned unprocessed at the bank due to NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) can cause the policy cancellation. So make sure that sufficient funds are available with your bank or credit card limit is still available to process the transactions.

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