Get $500 Gift Card In The Future Shop Survey

Feed back is perhaps the life blood that keeps relationships between the consumer and the retailer going. It is simply because the importance of feedback cannot be gainsaid that the smartest retailers on the land will periodically fall back on it to ensure that they are on the same page with the consumer – and being on the right side of the consumer is key for survival.On bright spot is Future Spot; the article main thrust will be on the survey that is being conducted by this retailer.

Future shop is arguably Canada’s largest retail (electronic) store. The brand has a total of some 146 branches that are spread out over the wider Canadian region, and it is not an issue of hyperbole when yours truly says that in a Future shop store you can get virtually any electronic product that you can possible think of- IPODS, Mp3 players, Televisions, camcorders, cameras, and so on. It is this brand that is offering a survey to its clients to keep abreast with the likes and dislikes of the clients. A guideline on how to fill out this survey is given below:

Guideline on filling out a Future Shop survey:

  • The first very first step is visiting the official website
  • The survey is conducted in the two languages that are prominent in Canada – French, and English. Click on the language that you are comfortable with and then click on the ‘next’ option
  • There is a data field that is labeled A, B, and C. Fill each data field with the codes that are printed on the receipt, click on the next link at the bottom of the page and this ushers you to the survey proper. You will be required to fill all data fields in the survey and after you are through simply click on the submit button. This brings the entire process to completion.

Rules And Obligations Of The Future Shop:

There are certain rules and obligations that govern how the survey is conducted, some of these are listed here: entry to the competition is via mail or online; second, the charity ends on the end of the year – the last day of the year; third, the competition is open only to residents of Canada who are above the age of majority; lastly, to be declared winner an individual must respond to summons within five days, ace an unaided 5 minute math quiz, and sign a declaration of compliance form.

There are three possible prices that are to be won by winners. All are basically gift cards that are worth $ 500 that must be redeemed within any Future shop store. This is a win –win situation for both the client and the vendor- for the client they get to give their take on how service delivery can be improved, whilst the vendor gets to keep their finger on the pulse of the business. Take part in this survey, and you stand a chance of ushering in the New Year with trendy appliances to your name.

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