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Lotteries add great excitement and fun in people’s lives. They can get a chance of winning many grand prizes and money from these lotteries. Many companies are now facilitating their customers with the facility of providing lottery. They exactly know what the interests of their customers are and how they can grab their attention towards themselves. Now through taking part in it you can become $ 100 million lucky fortunes very much easily. Only few of the very easy steps need to be fulfilled and you can get your prize very easily.


  • Switch your computer on. On your desktop you will see an icon of internet connection, connect it for gaining access to the respective website.
  • When your internet is connected, open the following website i.e. .
  • For playing the game on their website you have to click the button ‘Enter Now’.
  • They will ask you to sign in onto their website or sign up for playing the game.
  • Enter your name, address, email address, Phone number and date of birth.
  • Choose the security questions and answers and accept the terms and conditions and click on “Submit”
  • Choose one of these options and you will be directed towards other steps for completing the procedure.
  • A page will appear in which you have to click on ‘$ 100 million lucky fortunes’.
  • For getting detailed description about this game click the ‘instructions’ button.
  • You will need to scratch the full play area in order to gain access to play the game fully.
  • Few ‘numbers’ will be given to you. Later on, some ‘lucky numbers’ will be shown to you and you have to match your numbers with those lucky numbers.
  • The symbol ‘chest or box’ will indicate that you have won five prizes at once.
  • If you get to see a dollar sign, it means you have won $ 100. When your work gets completed you can just log out.


Through the help of this online service your chances of winning prizes increases a great deal. Besides winning money, there are many chances of getting grand prizes which can prove very much useful for you.

About Company:

Georgia Lottery and all the activities related to it are overseen by the government of Georgia, United States. Headquarter of their company is located in Atlanta. Georgia lottery corporation runs this lottery and yearly $ 1 billion are spent on it. The money earned through it goes towards prizes, education and towards marketing owners.

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