Earn Free Rewards At Getjar

Rewards galore! That is the theme that is ringing out along the hallways of Get Jar. The independent mobile application store is basically dishing out rewards – free rewards at that- to its clients. If you think that the words free and rewards are incompatible or that this is an offer that is too good to be true, read on.

As can be expected the gifts that are offered by Get Jar have to do with matters regarding mobile applications. The question that then begs to be answered is as follows – in what form or substance do these rewards come in, and second, how does Joe or Jane goes about earning and redeeming their rewards.  It begins with the process of registering on this independent mobile application store; the rigmarole you have to travel resembles something like this:

Guideline On How To Earn Free Rewards At Get Jar

  • Foremost, you will need to link on the official web site of the mobile application provider – https://developer.getjar.com/account/registration/;
  • Once you have access you then get to elect the platform that you want your application to work on-  Windows Mobile, Java, Blackberry, I Phone are some of the applications that are available;
  • Once you have jumped the two preceding steps, you are on board to begin receiving the goodies from this independent mobile application store.

There is a definite offer why such an offer has been proffered – the poorly kept secret is to ensure that the client base is widely expanded. The expansion process works as follows – every moment that you are in the application store you get a credit for every application that you purchase.  A non Android application would perhaps earn you some five coins, whilst an Android application would earn you some thirty coins. This is where matters get interesting however – the currency that is being referred to in this case is virtual in nature. It gets redeemed in the sense that it sets aside as a bonus of sorts for the next acquisition of applications that you make- this loosely translated means that  the more ‘currency ‘ that you hoard the cheaper the applications your purchase on this online application you stand to bag.

The entire reason this kind of strategy was formulated was to shave off the road blocks that are associated with making purchases in the online world with real currency. A virtual currency in a way aides to expand the client base in the sense that matters real currency required one to jump many hoops and according to insider statistics only one in ten individuals was able to stick it out for that long. That unnerving business model has been replaced by the virtual currency wave that uses pricing models that ensure that both the client and the business entity emerge winners in this scenario is the client.  Check out the applications that are on offer at Get Jar and who knows you could just be ushering in an early Christmas this year.

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