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WorkSource Washington is a joint venture which gives the employees about all the latest available jobs in Washington D.C. regarding each and every field including the labor, technology, business, schools and colleges, department of social and health services, community and technical colleges, Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, at security department and development councils along with other services like personal consultations, group workshops and referral to training programs. It is very quick, easy and convenient and the most amazing quality is that it is completely free. The partners of the WorkSource are state and local agencies and local community based organizations so that the applicants can get vast options in employment and training related services.


1-      Internet access to jobs easily and quickly.

2-      Use of electronic gadgets freely.

3-      Job referral and placement freely.

4-      Trainings on how to get and keep a good job.

5-      Tips on fastest growing jobs and wages.

6-      Workshops and trainings for other community services.

7-      Get unemployment insurance access easily.

8-      Translation services and much more.

The WorkSource services are delivered to the applicants via internet, workshops, training programs and consultations.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You need a computer with an internet access.

2-      You must be a member of WorkSource Washington but if you are not then you must register first.

3-      To register you must download and fill in the Generic Application Form.

4-      A prepared resume is also needed and it must be at your hand.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to

2-      Now register a membership.

3-      Add jobs in your folder at which you want to apply and which are according to your taste by adding them in “Jobs in Prospects Folder”. You can easily find the list of jobs at the homepage.

4-      Three options will be present for the jobs which you have selected in your folder and these options are “Apply Online”, “request a Referral” and “Contact Employer to Apply”.

5-      You have to choose one option from the three.

6-      Now confirm the jobs which are listed and then complete the process by following the instructions.

7-      Your resumes will be e-mailed by the system automatically without giving you any kind of problem.

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  2. Resume Help:
  3. FAQs:


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