Sign Up GOLD RUSH GIVEAWAY To Win The 100k Dollars

Discovery’s most popular series (Gold Rush) has a new season that rolls from the production line at the tail end of the year. To keep its fan base from previous season(s) glued to the screen ( and keeping the ratings of the show at the very top of the pecking order of things) the producers of the show have thrown a couple of surprises; it is one such surprise that the article will harp upon.

The cash that you stand to win is $ 100,000. That is the sum of money that is up for grabs in the Strike Gold Sweepstakes – that money, by the way, is to be bagged by a single viewer in the sweepstakes of the Gold Rush show. The rules for partaking in this game are as follows:

Rules Of The Game:

  • The viewer must watch the premier of the new season to get the entry code to the sweepstakes;
  • The codes that you get from the premier show must then be entered into the raffle for the viewer to get a chance at bagging the $ 100,000;
  • The winner of the sweepstakes will be announced during the premier of the preceding season – a ninety minute show that rolls several things into one show (unveiling a raffle winner, offering a teaser of the upcoming season, plus interviewing the winner of the previous episode).


You must first log on to the official website ; On the main web page of the page click on the register button; The data field that you have to fill is rather small – you will only be required to fill your name, your e-mail address, and who your video provider is; lastly, you will be required to click on the submit button and then you are good to go. It is important to note that by clicking on to the submit button, you imply that you agree to abide by the terms and agreement of the show provider.

Arguably, one of Discovery Channels best productions – the viewership followings does not lie – there is something that instantly attracts the viewers to this show. The show does not rely on the controversies of its cast to sell, or try and push the envelope on matters regarding to social – cultural. The winning formula of the show is that it basically touches on the spirit of adventure that is somewhat in the breast of every individual. This spirit of adventure, the desire to explore the unknown, resonates with the eternal spirit of mankind that always seeks to conquer the unknown. Watch the new series and remember to log on to the entry codes of the sweepstakes for your chance to win the $ 100,000 that is being offered by the producers of the show. Have a great viewing of the Gold Rush this season since you have a chance to win something.

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