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The sport lovers can now enjoy more than they usually do at Golf Galaxy store. The store’s management and authority has developed a simple form of few questions which is to be answered by the customers who visit the store. All the questions that are given in the questionnaire are only about the products and likes of the customers. The customers have an open platform to express their feelings about the services of the store and they may get some surprise gift from the management and this proves a great feeling at the time shopping. Now the store’s management has decided to relax their customers by launching the survey over internet so the customers could approach it with in few minutes.

The online survey is much easier than it used to be in past. The customers just need to visit the specified site and there after few clicks the questionnaire is appeared and they just need to click on every option and it is done.


  • The address of the website is as follows .
  • The home page contains few blanks.
  • Type store number, register number, transaction number and total purchase amount in the given blanks.
  • Choose the transaction date from the presented drop down menus.
  • There is a blue colored button with text “start”.
  • A button will appear saying; “start the survey” go to it.
  • The questionnaire will appear at the next page, first view the questions and then answer them one by one honestly as your suggestions are very important.
  • After the finishing of the survey you have to type your required personal and contact information so you may get notifications about the discounts and new packages presented by the store.
  • After you have done all the above told steps, hit the finish button and submit your questionnaire.


The customers can change a company’s progress and their standard in market. They can complain that what are the problems they have to face at the store. Moreover, the customers are also rewarded through discount offers to attract them to this questionnaire.

About Company:

A Fortune 500 company is known with the name Golf Galaxy and it is one of the leading companies in the field of sport goods. Dick’s sporting goods are the owners of this company. It has expanded its business throughout the United States.

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