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Safeway is the fourth largest North American supermarket chain that has its outlets spread throughout USA and Canada. The company took its current name from a name choice contest held in 1925 after the departure of founding member Sam Seeling in 1925.  The fortune 500 company is registered with NYSE: SWY and happens to be the second largest grocery retailer of the USA offers bakery, dairy, food and meat products to its customers. It serves both the markets for fresh and frozen foods.

Ancillary And Complimentary Services

Other ancillary products include home delivery of grocery, free recipes and free meal ideas at the website and fresh products. The chain also offers its customers a saving scheme through Club Card membership. A few outlets also have Pharmacia, flower shops and studios for processing photographs. Through its renowned brands Tom Thumb, Carrs Stores and Randalls, Safeway is provides specialty products through its supermarket chain. Safeway shoppers now can get a chance to win one of five $100 Gift Cards from online participation n customer satisfaction survey.

Step By Step Guide

Safeway gives gift cards worth 1oo USD through sweepstakes entry for all the customers that enter its online grocery survey. Any customer that has a store receipt and a high speed internet connection can get this done in less than half an hour.

  1. Log onto https://survey-feedback.net/safeway/ and find the survey form.
  2. Enter the receipt number that is ten digit long- last four digits of the sequence are not required.
  3.  Also provide date and time of visit to the store by selecting from the small yellow colored calendar widget in the form design.
  4. Answer a few multiple choice questions following the instructions on the form.
  5. Always use the form navigation buttons to move back and forth across the screens.
  6. The multiple choice questions can be on quality of product, store lay out, Store’s customer services and efficiency of the check out process etc.
  7. Towards the end provide a little personally identifiable information to let the store know where they can find the winners of their sweepstakes and gift cards.


Safeway is rewarding its customers with gift coupons. If you have recently shopped at any of the Safeway convenient located stores across USA or Canada you could move on to online survey at the Survey-feedback site powered by Feedback and get a chance to be one of the three lucky winners of the gift card of 100 $.

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