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Having a chance to give your opinions at here, follow the steps given below.


  • For giving your suggestions and feed back, on the web site of the company, you must go to this link and can submit your survey. The link is .
  • At the resulted page, you will see some information to be entered by your self. First of all, you will have to select the language from the two options given in the form of radio buttons. By choosing any of the languages, the up coming pages will appear in the selected language.
  • After choosing the language, you will have to select the store type from which you have made your purchase. Options are again available in the form of radio buttons. If you have shopped online, then you will have to choose the 3rd option. Other wise choose any one of the other options of the store type.
  • If you have selected the store type other than online, then you will also need to mention the state or the province where the store is located. Choose any one of the states options given in the drop down menu.
  • Next step is that you will need to mention the name of the store from which you have purchased company’s products recently. Names of the stores respective to the state and provinces are listed and you can select any one of these.
  • Note that these two above mentioned fields would be necessary only if you have purchased products from any of the retailing store. You will not be required to mention theses in the case of your online purchase.
  • Below these fields, there is an empty text field in which you will have to enter your transaction number that will be placed on your purchase receipt that you will get from the company’s retailing store after the bill payment process. Give complete and correct transaction number from the receipt.
  • If in case you do not have your receipt, or you have shopped online from the company’s store, then you will have to select the check box below that will allows you to proceed with out entering the transaction number.
  • After filling the entire page completely, click on the button named as “Click” located below.
  • Next is, you will need to give a complete survey by answering the questions asked by the company on the web site. Complete your survey and forward to the company.

About Company:

Gymboree is retailing in clothing and garments verity of children and ladies stuff. You can have a complete and seasonal verity after visiting the store. You can also avail the facility to shop online by visiting company’s web site.

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