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The Hallmark is the most amazing privately owned American company and it is the favorite of many due to its launches. The Hallmark channel and the Hallmark Cards are especially the record breaking all time faves of many all around the world. It is present in Kansas City. Missouri and was founded in 1910 by Joyce. C. Hall. It was awarded as the largest manufacturer of the greeting cards in the United States in 1985 and was given the National Medal of Arts. It makes gift wraps, party goods, gift ware, stationery, electronic greeting, keepsake ornaments and now the 3D cards. Its parent company is the Clintons.    

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality is the technique of making the greeting card come to life with vivid 3D animation displayed on computer screens. It requires the help of a webcam and as the card moves the cartoon moves and as the card turns the amazing effects begin.

How To Make Hallmark Cards Come To Life With Webcam Greetings?


1-      You must have a webcam greeting at hand.

2-      You must have a computer and the access to define it.

3-      You should be able to install software on your computer.

4-      Webcam is also very delicate and requires special attention.


1-      Visit the webcam greetings website.

2-      Click on “Get Started: and now click on “Continue”.

3-      Find the icon which is representing your card.

4-      Click it for start downloading the software which will help in displaying the webcam greetings.

5-      Once the downloading is completed now click and start to install the software on your computer.

6-      Run the software which you have just installed.

7-      Now hold your card one foot away from the webcam.

8-      Enjoy the lovely functions of the card.

Why Hallmark 3D Cards Are Such A Great Hit Among The People?

The reason behind the success of the Hallmark 3D cards is that this new world is the world of computers and laptops and the company has presented a completely new innovation which fits perfectly with the new era and is not just a new technology but it is very interesting, fun and also fulfills the goal of its creation. It conveys the greetings to the receiver in a very beautiful way. That is why the new innovation of the Hallmark cards is not just successful in their works and  ideas but also in their designs and targets making the people hope for the best.

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