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At the outset of this year, McDonalds made a few changes to one of its lynchpin products- Happy Meal. For those in the dark, the reloaded Happy Meal package cut by almost half the French fries that were contained in a diet and replaced them with slices of apples. Soda that was also part of the original package was not entirely tossed out of the window, but there was a substitute for it – low fat milk. McDonalds seems to have definitely gone the healthy diet way, but that is not the scope of the article.

The scope of the article is how you can basically sign up to multiply your bonus codes;  below is a guide to how you can go about registering to become a member and gain points:

A Guide To Registering At Happy Meal

  • You ought to first log on to the official website for access. The link is  provided herein;
  • On the control menu, there are a number of links, the link that should concern you is that which tagged log in, click on it is; however, if you are not registered you will be required to sign up.
  • The log in button will basically require that you give your e-mail address, and the completion of the registration process basically means that you are a member of the online community , and every time you purchase a Happy Meal product simply log in, click in the code of your product and this earns you some Happy Meal points.

The Evolution Of The Happy Meal Package

The Happy Meal package has come a long way since 1979 when it was first introduced. Previously, this product was simply a rudimentary collection of French fries and a soda. The dictates of the times however have forced the vendor to go with the times. Your typical Happy Meal diet today consists of a choice of a side beverage, a beverage and a children’s toy that reflects pop culture. These toys can be sold online, and the codes that you obtain from purchase from any vendor can be redeemed in the online world for purchases that are made in the world of McDonalds Happy Meal gaming experience.  Each Happy Meal product has a certain weight of points earned and the effect of this is that you need to understand what product earns how many points; needless to say the more grand your purchase the greater the points that your basically earn.


Depending on who you are listening to the experts avow that the current Happy Meal package contains a calorie loss in excess of 200 k/cal from the previous product. McDonalds have however countered this claim by stating that the deficit can be accounted for by the fact that the value comes into play because the amount of French fries present have been reduced. This is not bad in it and is counterbalanced by the fact that the meal includes a comprehensive package of apples – 8 slices, and a choice apple that is available on request. The overriding theme to a loss in calories seems to be the following truism: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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