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The one of the most amazing and beautiful chain of hotels and resorts spread all around the world is owned by the Hiltons. The Hilton family is popular and famous all around the world. They are considered as one of the richest family of the world. The Hilton hotels and resorts are based on 3,750 hotels with 600,000 rooms in 84 countries ever since 1925.  The Hilton management values their employs and their services and to reward them they have launched a Hilton Team Member Travel Program through which the employs of the Hilton can easily get discounts in different hotels and resorts of Hilton when they travel to other countries or States for vacations or on tours.

Procedure To Avail The Hilton Team Member Travel Program?


1-      Visit the program website and click on “Begin here”.

2-      Enter the information about your work location and your post according to the instructions.

3-      Search for the hotels present around your locations and the dates which fit your needs and the timetable.

4-      Compare the room details and packages and choose the one you like the most.

5-      Enter you information along with your billing information.

6-      Reserve the room you like for yourself and your family if they are also going with you

Procedure To Be Followed In The Human Resources Department:

1-      Once you have reserved the room of your choice at the hotel which suits you then go to your work place’s human resources department.

2-      It should be a department at your work location

3-      Ask them to grant you a signed travel program and take your passport with you.

4-      The passport is required for the check-in procedure.

Requirements And Limitations Of The Program


1-      The person should be an employ of the Hilton or of any of its subsidiary.

2-      The person should be a regular or a part time working employ of the Hilton.

3-      The person should work in the resorts and hotels of Hilton present at United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas or the Dominican Republic.

4-      The person should use this program for leisure travels.


1-      The employ cannot use this program when going on a business tour.

Time Duration:

1-      The employ should inform the services to book the suits and Hampton 7 days before the arrival.

2-      The employ should inform the management to book Embassy Suites 3 days before the arrival.

Reasons Of The Program:

The Hilton’s management is well aware to keep the inspirations of its employs boosted up by their techniques and tactics. They have initiated this program to inspire and motivate its workers to do work more actively and happily so that they can evaluate best results and to get this goal they are giving their employs a rewarding scheme in the form of Hilton Team Member Travel Program.

The Hilton hotels are not just famous because of their mesmerizing beauty and attractive, eye-catching structure but also for the VIP service that their guests and tourists get  while having their stay at the Hilton.

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