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Home depot is a very large chain of stores for home decor equipments and supplies and everything is available which a person needs to decorate or renovate  a home. The main motto of the homed core is to give a homey environment to its customers so that they can make the right decision while taking or selecting a product in their homes. Not only in direct shopping but also from online people prefer to shop from those companies who represent a comfortable environment which is very appealing. The Company however expects more improvement from its management and that is why surveys are being held to know that what do the customers want and what are the deficiencies which they feel are present in Home depot and how can they be eliminated, what other products should home depot keep that will increase the customer ratio as well as the purchase ratio of the store chain.

What Tactics Are Applied By Them To Increase The Ratio Of Their Improvements As Well As The Ratio Of The Customers?


Surveys are very important and efficient technique to know the thinking of the customers about the products of a certain company and they can reveal many deficiencies which can be eliminated and qualities which can be enhanced. To participate in the survey for home depot following steps are required:

1-      Go and visit the online website of home depot.

2-      Select a language in which you will prefer to give the survey i.e. Spanish, French or English. Generally English is preferred.

3-      Enter a 5 digit zip code of the country if from U.S or a code of 6 to 7 number if you are from Canada and mention whether you are from the United States or Canada.

4-      .Take the survey and describe each and everything just like you experienced it while shopping at the home depot. Always remember that honesty is very essential when attempting a survey because otherwise it will mean that you are misguiding the people who are conducting a survey and are destroying their hard work which they are doing.

5-      Once the survey is attempted fill out the important information which is required i.e. address, contact, shop’s receipt code etc.

6-      Submit your survey.

Gift Cards Of Worth 5000 Credits:

To attract the customers to attempt surveys the company has arranged gift cards so that more and more customers do come and apply for the prize by attempting the survey on line. The winner will get the gift card of worth 5000 credit and he can only use these credits to shop at home depot which is also a very clever way to increase its customers. This is called the clever game that the company is gaining customers by all the tactics no matter who wins or who loses but there is increase in the customers of home depot.

1-      After you have given your survey your entry will be added into the gift card scheme.

2-      Now it is time for you to wait and check the lists of the winners.

3-      Once your name appears you can made contact with the store manager or authorities.

4-      They will tell you how you will receive your reward.

5-      Once it is received use it to shop at home depot having all the fun of your life.

What Are The Requirements Of Home Depot Surveys And Gift Cards?

1-      The receipt from your most recent shopping from home depot.

2-      The residency of United States or Canada.

3-      A small mathematical test which will be taken from the residents of Canada.

4-      True and honest opinions while giving the survey.

5-      The correct information.

The surveys are not only giving new ideas of improvements to the management but they are also a reason that home depot is  attracting a large number of customers as people are thinking that the store is going to great extents to improve its quality and we will definitely get some good products or items from here.

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