Sign Up For HSN Master Card To Pay Bill Online

Chances are that you might probably have never had from them. There is a two- fold reason for this – foremost, as an entity they have recently changed their name and second, they are not a household name in the traditional sense of the word. The points enumerated will be expounded below.

Previously they went under the names World Finance Network Bank, and World Finance Capital Bank; at present they go by the names Comenity Bank, and Comenity Capital Bank. They have a client base that stands at some 26 million strong; in the event that you are not acquainted with them, chances are quiet high that you at the very least use one of their products.

HSN Master Card:

The product that the article will focus on however is the HSN Master card. The credit card in question is basically designed for retail shoppers. The HSN credit card (Master Card) is clear to manage, easy to use, and does not tie down the holder with a lot of preconditions.

The advantages that come with paying a bill online with this credit card are as follows: you get to schedule your payment 30 days prior to the payment date- this will be debited to your account; second, the payment gets to be posted to your account on the day of payment; and lastly, you get paperless billing statements and this has an advantage in that your privacy is not invaded in a way mail can be invaded; similarly, it cuts down on paperwork and this has an advantage in that it plays a part in environmental conservation.

Guideline To Applying For This Card:

To get on board however you will need to have an account number to set up a user ID. To set up your username and password for the HSN Master Card is as follows:

  • You need to first log onto the official web page given here in ;
  • On the home page, on the left hand side, there is a registration portal, click on it;
  • The data field that you need to fill up will require that you fill up the main page with your account information, a username and password, and lastly the security options that are required to administer your account;
  • Click on the save button and you basically have an online account ready and running.


The advantages that you get from having this card include the following – you get a free replacement card instantly in the event that you lose your card- you need to call the customer care department for any lost cards and within 48 hours you will have a replacement card, and during that intervening period all account activity will be frozen to prevent any fraudulent activity; you can add a family member to your account- this is done by giving additional cards via request through the online tools at your disposal; and lastly you get to choose the payment option that best suits you, think about it.

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