Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction Survey

You always need a place where you can go and buy the things easily and in reasonable prices. Where you don’t have to bargain for the right prices and you have the satisfaction that you will be able to maintain your budget easily and Harris Teeter supermarkets are one of such markets where the customer has the satisfaction of getting things in their lowest prices. Harris Teeter is the chain of superstores based on supermarkets in Mathews North Carolina outside charlotte. It is a chain which is based on 208 stores in eight Southern States including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia. The rating charts have stated Harris Teeter on the number 34 in Top 75 North American Food Retailers. To enhance the working efficiency of the store the company has started their surveys so that they can know the thoughts of people and the kind of experience they have when they shop from Harris Teeter and they have also arranged the sweepstakes for the participants of the survey.

Who Is Conducting And Sponsoring The Survey?

The survey is being conducted by American Grocery Store Retailer to see the ratings of the store and to make new innovations to attract more customers to the store.

Detailed Steps:

1-      Visit the website www.htsurvey.com to take part in the customer satisfaction survey.

2-      Before taking part in the survey you have to make sure that you have shopped from the Harris Teeter supermarket not more than 5 days.

3-      You must not throw away the receipt as it contains the code

4-      Click on “Start Survey” and enter the code.

5-      Complete the survey and give your true opinion based on the shopping experience that you had while shopping in the Harris Teeter store.

6-      Finish the survey,

7-      Provide your contact information s that the management can contact you if luckily you win the sweepstakes contest.

8-      Once you have provided the information after completing the survey then you will be automatically entered in the sweepstakes contest.

9-      Now simply wait for the winners to be announced which is announced monthly.


1-      You must have access to the internet.

2-      You must have the shopping experience at the Harris Teeter.

3-      You must have the receipt containing the code.

4-      You must be a resident of the city where a Harris Teeter store is present

Time & Schedule Sweepstakes

It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey and the winner of the sweepstakes is announced every month but the winner’s receipt should be valid and he should also have a survey invitation.

Valuing your customer is a very clever business tactic and is a very successful way of increasing the ratio of your customers.

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