Sign Up At Barclay’s Online Banking To Get Pass Code

Get pass code given by Company so that you can get more benefits by using the company’s online banking facility. The procedure is listed below.


  • Online Banking system is offering the pass code achieving process online by getting an account on the official web site of the company. You can reach to the sign up process directly by going to this link. .
  • After you will get the page of above link, you will be asked your details as a first steps. At the below of the page, you can see a text field in which you will be asked to enter your “Surname”.
  • After entering this, you will be given identification option presented in the form of radio button. You can identify your self by giving your membership number, “Card Number” or “Sort Code & Account Number”. Choose any of the given radio button.
  • After choosing the identification option among the given options, you will have to give its relevant number in the text fields which will appear after your selection. Complete all the fields present on this page so that you can be moved for the up coming steps.
  • After entering the valid number against the identification choice, you will have to click on the button “Next” located below.  Make sure your entered “Membership Number” is valid and presented in correct format as defined by the company. You will not be able to get the next page to proceed if you will not enter that number in appropriate way.
  • After moving to the next page, after clicking to the button, you will be required to give authentication details asked by the company.
  • Give all the asked details to the company. These details would be given in accordance with your identification choice and number which you will have previously selected.
  • After this, you will be asked to give information needed to create account for singing in with the account in future. Give the user ID details and your pass word for this purpose. At the end get authentication to get the login access by getting confirmation message at your mail box.
  • Complete the page and move next as per instructed. After getting your account, you will be needed to sign in with this account and manage the account for getting your pass code.

About Company:

As banking is becoming one of the most important need of present era so that this Company has introduced many advanced facilities in the field of banking to meet all the needs of the customers. The company is providing online banking facilities to the customers so that they can get advantage of better banking solutions and services near to them.

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