Access Immigrant Visa Processing For Online Payment At The NVC

It turns out to be a great problem for people when they have to go at the respective offices for getting their visa. This situation becomes quite hectic for people and they sometimes become enraged and frustrated due to all such conditions. Now through the help of National Visa Center people can make online immigrant visa processing payment. They are required to pay money at the official website of National Visa Center. This will take only few minutes and they will be safe from all the hectic activities which they had to face previously.


  • Open the official website through your web browser which is .
  • On the main page, you will see the options to use the online service, click on “Combined fee payment” and then on the next page click on ‘online fee payment’ written in bold face letters.
  • For checking the status of your visa processing or to pay your money online, you need to select the role of the users that is accessing this service by drop down menu.
  • Now after select the role of participant enter “case Number” and “Invoice Identification Number”. click on “Sign In” button
  • After signing into the account get invoice for you payment forms the company and then gets the receipt on checking out.


Through online visa processing, online payments have become easier. Your time will be saved and you will not feel tired at all.

About Company:

National Visa Center deals with the services of bureau of consular affairs. They approve the visa petition of people. They do all the processing of your visas at the most appropriate time. Their laws and policies are very much strict. They deal in international traveling, problems related to your passports and visas are solved by them.

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