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Social wags are bound to highlight the social changes that take place over the course of a generation(s) existence. For instance, with the advent of technology certain practices that were common place in days gone by / the past are slowly being eroded or in extreme cases have simply dissolved into the recesses of history. One such practice (and one that will form the fulcrum of this article) is the art of card giving.

Fortunately, the art of card giving has not dissolved. It has simply taken another format, an electronic format. Yes, today you will be fortunate to get a paper card edition of a card (birthday, success, wedding, or even Christmas); your typical card is electronic in its format.

A Brief On Jacquie Lawson

The difference between the e-card and your traditional paper card is in the form only; the substance- idea, themes, messages, among others remain largely unchanged. If you are in the market for an e- card then there is one name that you do well to remember – Jacquie Lawson. Who is Jacquie you might ask, well Jacquie is a native of Southern England who got into the business purely by default, the story reads like a script from the movies: Some Christmas cards she had designed for friends during the Christmas season got the attention of acquaintances and soon the talents of the cards designer were being sought, the rest is history.

Guideline To Join The Platform

  • Your first need to visit the official site that is provided
  • On the main web page, click on the join us link;
  • On the new window, you will be required to furnish the administrators of the site with your e-mail address, your country of residence, and agree to the terms of policy of administrators, click on the agree button and you immediately create an account with Jacquie Lawson.

Having an account with Jacquie Lawson is significant in the sense that for you to order any card, you will foremost need to have an account with the vendor. You need to keep in mind that you will need to pay a modest amount of money to maintain this account, and this membership is what facilitates the designing and pushing of your card. With the eye on detail that goes into every aspect of designing this card; with the degree of creativity that goes into every design; with the levels of professionalism that are invested into this venture the modest membership fee that you pay is a little price to pay – that you can take to the bank.


The question(S) that you need to ask is as follows: Who do I know who is celebrating a special event in their life – a birth day perhaps, a wedding, an anniversary, and so on. If you need a card, and are half the world away you need to leverage technology to your advantage and  show those you hold dear in your heart that you are thinking about them. Get that membership today, and let your card do the talking.

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