Joann’s Store Survey: 50 $ Gift Coupon For Feedback On Product And Service Quality

If you are a home decor enthusiast or area crafts person Joann Fabric and Crafts store will not be a new name to you. The store specializes in resale of home decor stuff like home fabric, drapery hardware and framing Knitting and Sewing e.g. yarn and cross stitch fibers, supplies for sewing / stitching / knitting items like fabrics, Kids Crafts accessories like School projects, Activity books, Craft kits, foam and foaming products, modeling clay and Bake ware like circuit cake machines and baking ingredients and food crafting books.

It aims to serve communities with a optimal mix of good product, wide range and best customer services.

About Joann Store Survey

Joann survey is a guide for Joann to plan their next moves to best fit customers’ needs. It takes input from customers on what of the store are most visited. Through easy multiple choice questions it gains insight into factors customers prefer while choosing any item from among the wide range of products in any crafts retailing concern.

Taking Joann store survey is very easy. Joann is also rewarding to ten of its customers with gift coupons of $50 value in total.

Who Is Invited To Participate?

The survey is a solicited response generator. Invitations are sent to participate via email face book and other means to both customers and non customers. Purchase receipts are also given with printed invitations at the back for all who shop at the store. Other people from the communities served are also invited to help improve services and products mix.

How to Participate In Joann Store Survey

To participate in Joann survey you do not have to be a buyer or spend in another way with us. If you have received an invitation through face book or an email you are equally eligible to participate.

  1. Type the link survey in your browser.
  2. Press Enter and give feedback on how you landed up this page as I received an email from “Joann” inviting me to participate.
  3. Give your city and state and provide your actual age. Also give us an input on what was the purpose of your visit.
  4. Start answering the questions about various products and section. Once you are done with these questions the bulkiest part is over.
  5. Give input on your level of satisfaction with various facilities and services with the store.
  6. Provide general information regarding your average monthly income, family structures and gender
  7. For identification purposes provide us with your email id and first and last name.
  8. Press Submit to enter your data and
  9. You will automatically receive an email containing your coupon number.


At Joann it does not matter whether you buy or not. Retailing segment of specialty products gives high recognition to the fact that potential customers are major stakeholders. End consumer being a part of larger community that retailers serve, customer opinion is valuable to all retailers. The feedback is used for product mix decisions and improvement to customer services and store layout.

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