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Looking for fun food and partying? With john’s you get the most incredible food and fun parties anyone could dream of. Bakersfield, Beaverton, Buena Park, Fresno, Modesto , San Diego and Mont Clair are the three locations where John’s incredible pizza services are being offered. Its service pack is far reaching across various age groups and is

John’s fun food serves the taste of every foodie by offering popular salads, pizza, soups and pasta recipes. John’s incredible parties

Guest Survey Of John’s Incredible Pizza

John’s Incredible Pizza Guest Surveys are either solicited or surprise (anonymous guest) surveys.

1)      The surprise survey (secret survey) is invitation only through receipts.

2)      The solicited survey is for

a)      All email club members and the people who are invited through a purchase receipt (Condition’s apply).

i)        Be a part of the email Club at John’s

ii)       Be a buyer (need not be a regular buyer) all you need is a receipt from any one of the  John’s incredible pizza stores and have a corporate ID also.

b)      One receipt can be used for one survey. The rule applies if the store offers invitation to both ind of surveys.

Stepwise Guidance Is As Under

  1. Log onto www.Johns Pizza.com/survey and enter your corporate id and receipt number for On receipt invitations OR provide email for invitations received in Email.
  2. Once you enter your corporate Id and receipt number at the form after choosing – I got invited from a receipt- what happens is that the store matches your receipt number with its records. Any refunded receipts which cannot be used for taking the survey, are filtered out.
  3. If you do not want to be an email club member please unchecked the small check box If this is not unchecked all entrants will automatically go to be the email club members.
  4. Now move forward and give whatever information is required to complete the survey. Tell them what you liked in the food and what you didn’t were the bundle offers great or just okay for you.
  5. Give input on what incredible fun offering you liked, how staff at Fun World contributed towards making your day special.
  6. Once you are done with the survey you will be eligible to coupons for your email club membership if you agreed to keep it in the first step.

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