Sign Up At Juno To Get $15 Reward

Juno has been offering email services for over ten years now. The first Juno versions were specifically geared towards getting the load off the telephone lines as it enabled send as well as download emails easily and efficiently. In 1999, Juno started offering free internet services. In a nutshell, Juno has been in the internet service industry for such as long time. There is nothing more enticing than getting internet services from one of the pioneers and still gets awards of up to $15. When you sign up for Juno, you enjoy a $15 dollar reward and you get DSL internet at a discount price.

About Juno  

Juno is a United States based internet services provider. It is a sister company of united online that also owns Kmart’s BlueLight as well as NetZero internet services. Juno internet service came into existence in 1996 and was founded by Charles Ardai. The company started with offering free e-mail services. This was possible because clients only had to install a Juno server client that allowed them to receive and send emails that were up to 35kb. The client had to sign up via dial-up, periodically.

When the dot-com era collapsed in the dawn of a new century, Juno shifted its focus to offering mail and web service at discounted rates. Their service was the same as large ISPs only that it was offered at half the rates. Today, the free internet service offered by Juno is limited to not more than ten hours every month.

How To Sign Up For Juno

Before you sign up for Juno, you will be glad to know that it is possible to sign up for free, but under strict limitations. With the free Juno version, it is impossible to check your Juno email via an alien email program like Microsoft outlook.

You can purchase a year’s worth Juno internet service to get a discounted rate on the rate of subscription. Juno will function best on a computer that is windows based. To be able to get Juno emails. One has to sign up for Juno.

To sign up for Juno:

  • Visit the Juno website.
  • Go to ‘new to juno’, click on the link for access numbers.
  •  Navigate to the bottom of the page and avail your area code plus your telephone number’s first three digits. Wait for Juno to generate a list of numbers that are available in your locality.
  • Once you find your area’s telephone numbers list, go back to Juno’s homepage.
  •  Look at the various plans Juno offers and determine the best one for your needs.
  • Go to checkout.
  • Next, you need to create a Juno account, come up with a unique username and password.
  • Select your secret question from the drop down list.
  • Set up your payment plan once you sign up for the Juno account. You will find the instruction on the screen.
  • Confirm that you want to purchase and download to get Juno on your computer.
  • Click on run in the pop up window for Juno to be installed.
  • You can now log into your Juno account.

With your new Juno account, you get a $15 reward off FTD gifts and flowers.

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