Enter In Kelloggs Raisin Bran Sweepstakes To Win 2012 Ford Mustang

Kellogg Company is a multinational company of food manufacturing and was founded in 19 February, 1906. It is headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States but it is serving people internationally with its mouth watering, simply yummy and superb products which are not just manufactured to be tasty but also to be healthy and as a complete balanced diet or meal for a person who wishes to stay fit and smart. The products include the crackers, cereals, biscuits and cookies, convenience foods, waffles, toaster pastries, cereal bars, vegetarian foods, fruit flavored snacks, protein bars, Pop Tarts, Corn Flakes, Yogo Bits, Kebbler, Eggo, Rice Krispies, Nutri- Grain, Cheez It, Morningstar Farms, Bear Naked, Club Crackers, Kashi, Special K, All Bran and Famous Amos etc.

About Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes are launched by the companies to gain the attraction and attention of the customers and to make them see that there are many other attractions in purchasing their product apparently and they can get all the benefits just by purchasing them. Every company wants to show that their product is a complete package and it has no competition from the rest and is situated above all.


  1. You must have a computer along with an internet access.
  2. You must have your driving license at least it is good to know that you can drive as the prize of the sweepstakes is the $20,000 worth Ford Mustang.
  3. You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  4. You must be of the 18 years or older.
  5. You must have a valid e-mail address.
  6. You must have a box of cereal of the Kellogg’s as it contains the UPC code for the entry of the sweepstakes.

Step By Step Method:

  1. You must click on the link www.kelloggsraisinbran.com and you will be directed to the website of the Kelloggs.
  2. Now click on the option which says “Click to enter your UPC code”
  3. Once you have entered the UPC code along with your e-mail address so that you will be announced as the toughest driver and the luckiest one too to have a Ford Mustang
  4. You will be required to provide some personal information related to your identity but later not immediately and the task was easy to happen.

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