How To File Unemployment Benefit At KEWES?

Kentucky has been maintaining a special office for the convenience of people. It is called as the ‘ Employment And Training Unemployment Insurance Claims System’. It is a great website system available online. It helps in providing the unemployment insurance in a great way. You need to be separated from your employers in order to take an advantage. You also become eligible if your employer makes a reduction of hours.

There are systems being activated. They are available for 5 working days. Any individual can file their claim properly. Not only that, the benefit check can also be maintained properly. This is a special check which is activated for the bi weekly claims made for the unemployment.

What Are The Important Things Which You Need To Know For Filling?

In order to claim for your unemployment benefits you need to be;

  1. Clear about the unclaimed insurances
  2. You need to answer each question accurately.
  3. You will be required to provide the material facts. They are becoming one of the growing necessities. They help in handling the employment security law in a feasible manner.

How Kentucky Provides Their Support?

Kentucky has been providing their extra ordinary support to people. Especially they give special attention to the cases of unemployment insurance. This gives strong beliefs to the registrars of unclaimed insurance that they are in safe hands. They would be able to get a suitable amount of money back.


  1. One thing which needs to be clear over here is that, one need to register on the website
  2. There are few things which are being required. First, you will be required to enter the first name and last name.
  3. Second, there will be a need to submit some of your personal information. You will be required to provide it.
  4. Third, a valid email address will be required. It is necessary for a successful correspondence and communication.
  5. Fourth, you might be required to provide some of your previous employment details and a number of other things related with it. They will be helpful in claiming for the insurance in a quicker manner.

Detail Guide:

  1. After visiting the site and filling all things enter your SSN number.
  2. You need to have your PIN number , create it if you are filing claim 1st time.
  3. Follow up further instructions

Kentucky staff is quite co-operative. If you submit your request online then they will get back to you during the business working hours. They are quite humble and co-operative in providing directions and forwarding your request for further insurance issues handling purpose. In case, you have any questions in mind then you can take advantage through support team @

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