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Surveys are the sure ways of getting the true opinion of the people or the customers. Kohl’s is one of the widest chains of departmental stores and everything of need is present in these stores. From minor to maximum everything possible is available their but still improvements and changes are required. New innovations, ideas are required to launch new attractions for the store to keep the customers attracted to it and keep the sales of the store going upwards instead of letting them going down. Kohl is taking surveys online especially from its customers about its working, efficiency, environment, shopping experience and new innovations that people want to see in Kohl and to make more people participate in the surveys Kohl has presented new scheme of sweepstakes gift cards which are worth so many credits which can be used to shop at Kohl as much as a customer wants with special discounts and offers for the winner.

How To Get Your Hands On The Sweepstakes Gift Cards?

Applying Online:

1-      Visit the Kohl’s website and search for the take the survey option.

2-      Once you have clicked the options accept all their rules and regulations

3-      Choose the language in which you want to take the survey.

4-      Then the system will ask the store number and the receipt number of your most recent shopping from Kohl.

5-      After the required information is given then the user must click on “Start the survey” button.

6-      Give the survey honestly with the help of the shopping experience you had when you were at Kohl’s.

7-      Once you have completed the survey the data containing your information will be submitted inside the system automatically entering you in the sweepstakes gift card scheme.

By Mail:

1-      Send your opinions and detail along with the receipt of the Kohl’s shopping by mail.

2-      The information will be submitted to the system and you will be entered into the reward scheme once the mail is received.

3-      The mail system is not so reliable and the company does not stand responsible for any delays and incase the mail is not received at all.

By Fax Or Telephone:

1-      The survey can be completed by calling at Kohl’s and the customer can give his or hers opinion.

2-      You can also fax your opinions to enter the reward scheme.

By Going Shopping:

1-      You can go shop at Kohl’s

2-      Once you have paid for your shopping you can fill the survey along with your details

3-      You will be entered in the sweepstakes gift cards scheme.

What To Do Once You Have Entered The Competition?

1-      Check the Kohl’s website for the winner’s list or names.

2-      If luckily your name appears on the winner’s list then wait for them to contact you. Or contact them.

3-      Once they have contacted you or you have contacted them collect your prize card.

What Are The Precautions?

1-      Give your correct information.

2-      Give your correct contact number so that if they try to reach you they can do it easily otherwise the authorities can change the winner if they are unable to reach you.

3-      You should not be a close relative of an employ at Kohl’s or a relative of the person who is working in sweepstakes gift card scheme.

W e don’t consider surveys so effective but they are evaluating great results and bringing big positive changes for the betterment of the organization and its clients as well.

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