Activate Your Kohl’s Charge Card Online

The Kohl is one of the largest departmental chains of the United States with more than 1000 stores in the U.S. The Kohl provides all the things for home, bedding, clothing for women, men and children, swimming, babies and kids, teens, toys, shoes, jewelry, watches, sports fan shop, kitchen furniture, home decor luggage and fragrances. Each and everything is present and available at Kohl for about every class and type of the customers. The Kohl’s corporation is an American chain of departmental stores and the head quarter is in Milwaukee, suburb of Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. There are 1089 stores of the Kohl’s in 49 states and was founded in 1962.

Kohl’s Charge Card Online

The store offers its charge card which provides you with many services and discounts but it needs to be activated online to get its major advantages. The card offers a lot of discount packages on many products.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You must have a computer and an internet service.

2-      You must have Kohl’s card.


1-      Go to the Kohl’s official website.

2-      Enter the 12- digit card number from your card.

3-      Enter the social security number and click on “Continue”

4-      Follow the instructions like told.

5-      Your card has been activated.

Card Specification

1-      The card offers a lot of discount packages on many of the Kohl’s products.

2-      The card enables the user to make an account on Kohl’s website online and get all kinds of benefits.

3-      You can get all the seasonal fashion tips.

4-      You can get notifications about the latest arrivals at Kohl’s

5-      You can easily go to the online shopping facility and have your card can be used for coupons.

You can always refer to the FAQs page or if you are shopping at the store then you can always take help from the workers working at Kohl’s.

It takes only five minutes to activate your Kohl’s card and then you become entitled to a whole lot of facilities and offers presented by Kohl’s for its special card holder customers. New innovations always are successful in attracting the people‘s attention and launching them with a good presentation style enhances success even more. That is why Kohl is progressing more and more day by day due to its new innovations.

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