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If you want a new doctor or if you want a new physician then you must take help from the service provided online by the Kaiser Permanente medical. It is also very beneficial to find a new doctor who is present within your radius. Kaiser Permanente is the managed are consortium which is integrated. It was founded in 1945 and its head quarter is located in Ordway building Oakland California, USA.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You must have a computer along with an internet access.

2-      You can provide a valid record number from Kaiser medical and for that you must be a current client of the Medical Group of Permanente.


1-      Initially you need to find a doctor who is present in your area and for that you need to click on the link https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/cyd/home.jsf and you will be directed to the Kaiser Permanente.

2-      Now select the “get information about the available doctors in your area” and then select the “GO” option.

3-      Now provide your ZIP code to locate a doctor near you and then mention it to the system that you are interested in finding the doctor within a specifically designed radius by you according to your comfort zone.

4-      Now select the category in which you adjust perfectly from the options: Adult medicine, pediatrics, family medicine or Gynecology/Obstetrics.

5-      Now select “Go” and view the search results related to the doctors which are present in your area.

6-      Now when you are ready to select the doctor then go to the homepage of selecting the doctors and click on the option “Ready to choose? View a list of available doctors at the facility of Kaiser Permanente who is of your choice and pick your doctor today” and then select the option of “Go”

7-      Provide the information related to your personal identity which includes your name. birth day and date along with the month and your last name. You will also have to provide the medical record number from Kaiser Permanente and now select “Continue”

8-      Now you can consult your new doctor or if you are changing the previous doctor then you can consult the one whom you like in your search results.


If you want a good doctor then you can get the successful tips to get one by clicking on the link: https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/cyd/tips.html

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