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The Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is an S&P 500 company which is shortly known as LabCorp. The company was founded in 1978 and its head quarter is present in Burlington, North Carolina. It is operating one of the largest clinical laboratory networks present in the world. Its United States network comprises of 36 laboratories. It is the pioneer of (PCR) technology especially of genomic testing using polymerase chain reaction along with operating the National Genetics Institute (NGI) located in Los Angeles, California. It also serves in the regions of Puerto Rico, Canada, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Burlington and Kentucky etc. The testing it performs includes genomic, oncology testing, HIV genotyping, phenotyping and all the other laboratory testing.

About Company

The LabCorp is offering a service for its clients and customers which enables them to manage their lab bills online. The customers receive an invoice code and by entering the code and your ZIP code in the LabCorp website through their accounts they can easily pay their bills through their credit cards. You can also pay multiple bills by entering their invoice codes individually.


1-      You must have a computer and an internet access.

2-      You must have a LabCorp invoice with an invoice number.

3-      To make payments online you must have a credit or debit card.

Step By Step Guide:

1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the website of LabCorp Manage My Bill.

2-      Now provide your LabCorp invoice number along with the zip code just as it appears on your invoice.

3-      Once you have entered the information correctly in to the required fields then click on the option which is marked as “Secure Sign In”

4-      Complete the process by paying the LabCorp bill by following the instructions provided by the website if you are willing to pay the bill online.

5-      It is also possible that you are having more then one bill then to pay them online you must sign out from the system and sign back in again and again with a new invoice number to pay each bill separately.


If you are facing a problem with the LabCorp bill management then you can easily refer to the LabCorp Patient Billing FAQs page by clicking the link:

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