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The New York state labor department offers unemployment as well as employment resources to the residents of New York State. This portal also offers labor and business services and information.  A New York resident can apply for unemployment benefits at least a week after they become completely or partly unemployed. The reason immediate application is advised is because your first week is treated as the waiting period.

To be able to file for unemployment benefits, you require:

  • A social security number.
  • An alien ID card for US non citizens.
  • Your postal address plus the zip code.
  • Detailed info on your previous employers for the last two years.

How To File For Unemployment

It is quite easy to file for unemployment benefits in New York.  All you have to do is visit the New York state unemployment website to file a new claim. Before you decide to file for unemployment benefits it is advisable to confirm with you state’s unemployment office. This will help you determine the most ideal way for you to make your claim.

Question You Should Expect To Be Asked

The New York state unemployment department will require knowing whether you would prefer to have your taxes withheld from the check. You will also need to clarify whether you are owed holiday or vacation pay. On top of these, you will need to clearly state why you left your employment. One of the qualification criteria is that a claimant has to have left employment for faults that were not their own. You will be required to create an account with the labor department to be able to file for your unemployment claim.

Weekly Benefits Filing 

After filing for the first unemployment benefits claim, you will be required to access your account on weekly basis to make claims. You can also use your account to check on the progress and status of the claim. You will be able to check how much unemployment benefits you have in your account.

Payment Of The Benefits     

In New York, the unemployment benefits can be paid through debit card, check or deposits made directly to the account. You are able to select your preferred mode of payment when filing for unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefits That Is Extended

This type of benefit is made available to claimants who have used up all their regular unemployment benefits when they were going through high unemployment. This type of compensation is given for a longer than normal period.

Unemployment Benefits For Quitting Or Getting Fired From A Job

When an individual resigns from their job they may be ineligible for unemployment benefits. This is in exception of the individual left for a better course. For individuals who have recently been laid off, it is possible to file for unemployment benefits. However, this will depend on the circumstances revolving around you getting fired.

Appealing For Unemployment Benefits  

In the event you have your application rejected for one reason or the other, it is within the law to make an appeal the unemployment benefits denial.


  • March 26, 2017

    kathleen koslosky

    I was denied unemployment benefits because I didn’t give good enough reasons why I quit my job at Chanatrys supermarket. I n the form there was something I left out because of its potentially embarrassing nature and instead of a hearing I would prefer to have another form sent to me. The subject is of a sensitive nature and if I must talk to a judge I would prefer it to be over the phone. The subject was a prank played on me of a sexual misconduct nature played out by the younger co-workers at the deli area of the store. I didn’t mention it before because it was not reported and I didn’t want to cost anyone their jobs. I believe I deserve a second grievance case in lieu of this news.

  • September 25, 2018

    Jerry Spradley

    I stopped receiving benefits in June11,2018. I was employed by Professional Safety Solutions LLC to work a project in Woodstock, MN. The project ended September 12, 2018. I am now unemployed and wanting to continue my unemployment benefits from the State of New York. What is the process for this application.

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