Access Traffic School At LASC To Prevent Accidents

Next to an accident, the drivers’ worst nightmare on the highway is to be cited for a traffic violation. However, life happens, and because to error is human chances are quite high that in your course of your life as a driver you might be cited for a traffic offence, rest easy it’s not the end of the world. If you are a resident of Los Angeles and have been cited for some traffic offence, then this article is tailored specifically for you, read on.

Online Traffic School

The Los Angeles Superior Court has a provision that allows for drivers who have been cited for traffic infringement to basically register for traffic school online. The journey that you will need to take up on your way to re-orientation as a driver is explained below:

How To Access Traffic School At LASC Online

  • You need to visit the official web page. Here it is-;
  • On the main web page, there is a menu on the right that deals with the online services that are provided by the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC), click on the request traffic school link;
  • The previous action leads to a portal that is on terms and agreements that you will have to abide by, read them carefully before you click on the agreement button;
  • The new window that opens up to you has a number of data fields, the questions that you will need to fill out include the following – the patio where that has your ticket assigned; the law enforcement agency that issued your ticket; the number (citation) of your ticket; and lastly, your birth date;
  • Your data field will create the options that are available to you, select the traffic school option that is available to you, click on the select button and your specific traffic lesson is booked online.
  • Visit home page: for more help

In one fell swoop you get to deal with matters regarding traffic lessons. The beauty of this entire process is that it saves you the time that you would have previously spent lining up at some bureaucracy. It is important to note that this entire process will last no less than ten minutes. It is also important to note that your interaction with the LASC need not only be limited to instances when you have been cited for a traffic violation. An individual who wants to take his/her driving lessons can also contact the LASC to ensure that they are thoroughly grounded on the rules and regulations of the road prior to taking the ultimate road test.


The long and short of the matter is this – traffic violations are a life and death issue. Many people are either killed or maimed on the road; if you are cited for a traffic violation or for whatever reason please comply for it demonstrates a spirit that is willing to learn. If such a spirit abounds widely in our culture, then road accidents and their ravages would be a thing of the past and our roads would be a safer place for everyone.

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