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There was a time when you used to fret over the newspaper Ads for Jobs section. You used to take the newspaper cuttings and save them with to apply for the job vacancy. But now, the Louisiana Workforce Commission has introduced an online method to search a job according to your qualifications and experience. The service aims to provide information regarding various job vacancies in different industries. These job descriptions are available only to the citizens of the State of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is a part of the Louisiana government. It was previously known as the Louisiana Department of Labour. It provides employment related services to the unemployed as well as the employed people. It also aids in the process of job searching and provides vast information regarding the businesses and the labour, to the people of Louisiana.

How To Find Job With The Louisiana Workforce Commission?

To find a job using the help from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, all you need is:

  • An internet Connection on your computer
  • To register yourself with the Louisiana Workforce Commission
  • To be a legal citizen of the US
  • Your Social Security Number

Once you have all the requirements to take advantage of the job searching process provided by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, you can now proceed withsearching jobs for yourself with these following simple steps:

  1. Go to the Louisiana Workforce Commission official website
  2. If you’re registered, then you can move on to step 7. But if you’re not, register yourself first.
  3. To register, click on ‘register’
  4. Fill in the blanks with the required information to complete the process of registration
  5. Enter your User ID and Password to log in to your account
  6. Create your resume, fill in your interests and take up the assessment tests and much more
  7. To find a job, Click on the ‘Find A Job’ Link
  8. Choose from the different ways of searching jobs. For Example, By education, skills. Employers, etc.
  9. Once you’ve chosen the method, enter the search criteria
  10. Click on the ‘Search’ Button
  11. Pick from the shown job vacancies

With this tool, you can easily search for jobs by choosing your criteria and interest. Once you made your account on the website, you can seek for different jobs, look at job details and employers’ information, send your CVsand much more services provided by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

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