Leap-Frog Toy Connection With Your PC

LeapFrog Enterprises designs and develop the electronically supported educational toys and then markets them. It was established in the year of 1995 in Emeryville, California. They cover each and every angel to create their educational toys and to fulfill this goal they also design and create the software’s which are supported by the LeapFrog toys and these toys come with these softwares inside them. The LeapFrog toys are not limited to a specific age but they cover a large age criteria. They are for the kids ranging from the age group of being infants to the grade school which is specifically the age circle in which the child is going through mental development and requires the best resources for the best nourishment of mind. The most popular products of the LeapFrog are LeapPad and Leapster Explorer educational toys.

Online Services

The LeapFrog offers a new online service which enables the customers to join their LeapFrog toys with their PC you can download a lot more applications and services along with gaining a lot more benefits related to your child.


1-      You need a computer along with an internet connection.

2-      Your computer or gadget must operate Windows or a Mac operating system.

3-      You must have an electronic educational toy of LeapFrog which is having a USB plug along with a port.

Step By Step Procedure:

1-      Click on the link www.leapfrog.com/connect and you will be directed to the website of LeapFrog Connect Your LeapFrog Toy.

2-      Search for your LeapFrog toy from the list of toys which is displayed and select it by clicking the button which is marked as “Select”

3-      Now you have to download a LeapFrog Connect Application to your computer or gadget.

4-      Select and download the application that is right for your computer by selecting the type of your computer and the operating system from Windows or Mac.

5-      Once the process of downloading is completed now click to open the program.

6-      Connect your LeapFrog toy by the help of a USB plug to your PC.

7-      Finish the procedure of connection with the help of installation directions available on-screen.

What to do if you have any confusion related to the LeapFrog or its educational electronic toys and services?

You must refer to the support website of the LeapFrog in case you have any kind of query or confusion about the LeapFrog or its electronic educational toys and services. By clicking on the link: http://www.leapfrog.com/en/pages/support.html

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