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About Company

Lego is the iconic construction toys brand that originated in Denmark and is now marketed throughout the world. The idea of first LEGO product was developed as a miniature scale design versions of wooden products. LEGO toys are prepared on different themes like Town, Space, Castle, Pirates and of course the licensed and story themes. The most recent among these being Ninjago, StarWars and Harry Potter re-launch.

About Nielsen Group And Medallia

The Nielsen LEGO survey is designed by market research contractor of LEGO i.e. Nielsen group. Nielsen group is the leading marketing research group providing services around the globe. However the customer feedback and response management software is provided by Medalia.

What Is Neilson LEGO Survey

Nielsen LEGO Survey is a solicited feedback questionnaire to get customers response on the LEGO products. The survey is aimed at collecting information on toys so children are the major respondents group. This is why the survey is available in thirteen different languages.

Why Participate In Neilson LEGO Survey

Each participant in LEGO survey is given one entry in the monthly drawings of LEGO sweepstakes.

                Eligibility And Requirements

  1. Only the children who have also played the game after buying it can participate.
  2. Children below the age of thirteen can only participate through their legal guardian or parents.
  3. Employees of LEGO Group or Medalia Inc cannot participate.

Step By Step Guide To Participate In The Neilson LEGO Survey

  1. Go to the site www.neilsen.com/lego the page will automatically redirect to the web address http://survey.medallia.com/?legoproduct
  2. Choose the preferred language from the pull down menu at the top right of the web page.
  3. Enter 4 or 6 digit product code that is written on the packages’ front or on the side or on the instruction pack.
  4. Indicate your age and click “Begin Survey”.
  5. Carefully answer all the questions at the survey.

Sweepstake Rules

Sweepstake is open to residents of all over the globe but is governed by and administered through US Laws. Each month one out of each one thousand respondents is chosen for the free prize .The prize given depends on the age group of the surveyor and the product he surveyed for.


By taking part in LEGO survey you can get a chance to win a gift worth up to $80 or € 60 each. The winners are informed via email within 7-14 days of the date of drawings.

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