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According to an estimate majority of the people like fast and grill foods, which are full of spices and calories. Thus this type of foods proves to be injurious for human health. That is the reason that there are restaurants that are offering subs which are full of delicious tastes and nutrition. So as an alternative you can have them. This is a well recognized and a highly visited place for these subs for the veggie lovers. The most important thing is that the food chain of this company is that it is representing the Philadelphian style and culture. Actually these subs are first of all made by them and the same recipe is also used here.

How To Enter?

  • Click on the link www.lennysfeedback.com to visit the official page.
  • On homepage search for the survey page option and then click on it.
  • This will take you to the survey page, where you have to enter a 13 digit code number in the respective area. You will find this number on your receipt when you visit shop at
  • After that you have to give answer to all the questions according to your experience and visit.
  • Make sure that all these answers must be given honestly so that it will prove beneficial for you and the company.
  • After that you have to provide some relevant information that is being asked.
  • In the end, read all the terms and conditions and then click on the submit option to complete this process.
  • After submission you will be given a code which you have to save and then whenever you visit to Lenny’s restaurant you will show that code to your server and enjoy your meal and discount offers.


The most important thing about this survey is that on giving honest replies you will get chances to win discount offers. In this way this process is very much valuable for both the customers and the company. Make sure you reply honestly because it is very much important. Thus the process is very easy to follow and complete.

About Company:

This is a food chain which will provide you with the delicious and low calories fast food. It is a place meant for those who want to enjoy fast food for their taste buds but at the same time they are conscious of their health as well.

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