Sign Up For Windows Live (UK) Account To Get Emails

Services of Windows Live have gained much popularity among people as they provide numerous benefits to people. Having an email address has become the greatest need of people these days. Without this people remain unaware of many of the things. With the help of it they can perform many of their business activities, can chat with their friends and get to know many other great things. You can get email address from the UK very much easily now. You just need to complete the following stepwise guidance and your process will get finished in a very short interval of time.


  • Open  through your web browser.
  • If you do not have a Microsoft account, click on the button ‘sign up now’.
  • They will need to know who you are and for this purpose you need to tell them your first name and then your surname.
  • Include your full date of birth in the next field and then select your gender i.e. male, female or not specified.
  • Choose your Microsoft account name and form the drop down menu select the option ‘’.
  • Choose a password for your account which must be 8-charcter minimum. They are case-sensitive so you need to re-enter your password in the next box.
  • If you lose your password you can reset it by providing your phone number and alternate email address.
  • You can also choose a security question for the safety of your account and then answer that respective question.
  • Tell them your country and region and also include your postal code in the required field.
  • Later on, enter all the characters that will be shown to you in the image.
  • Tick the box if you want to receive emails regarding their promotional offers and then accept all their terms and conditions.
  • Click the Finish button in the end.


By getting email address from the UK you can get to avail numerous facilities. You can easily manage your account anytime you like. There will be no restrictions on you and every service can be availed by you.

About Company:

This is the former name of the brand Microsoft. It includes all the software plus services in it and most of the services which they provide are related to web applications. They have 330 million customers registered and it was launched on November1, 2005.

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