Access Windows Live Login To Get Sky Drive

Windows live sign in provides great offer and services to its customers. By signing in, people can get to avail the services of many applications which cannot be accessed by any other way. By using windows live sign in you can get access to Sky Drive easily. There will be no restriction on using Sky Drive once you have registered for the account on Windows live and sign in. By providing few of your details you can sign up and then sign in with the help of your email and password easily.


  • Get the internet connected and visit the following website .
  • They will ask you to enter your email address and password and then click the “Sign in” button.
  • If your account is not registered then you can click the link of “Sign up now”.
  • Provide all of your basic information to them which includes your personal information like first name, last name.
  • Include your birth date, month and year in the required field and choose your gender.
  • Tell them about your city where you presently reside and write the zip code in the required box.
  • Give them information regarding your contact number.
  • Tell your permanent address to them.
  • Select an email address for your account and choose a password for this purpose.
  • Reconfirm both of these things i.e. email address and password in the next boxes and also include your alternate email address so you can reset your password with the help of it.
  • Choose a security question for your account.
  • Read all their terms and conditions and accept them.
  • Click the submit button. After this you can sign in with you email address and password and can get access to sky by clicking on the button of ‘Sky Drive’.


By accessing this service through windows live sign in, you can easily upload and sync your files you cloud storage. Many other activities can be performed by you once you get access to this service. This process will take very few minutes.

About Company:

This is a file hosting service. With the help of it users can easily upload and synchronize their files. After uploading these files they can access them on their local drives through the help of their web browser. Your files remain private with the help of their services.

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