Activate Rit Aid Load2Card Wellness Account To Add Coupons

If you are old in age and you want to keep yourself healthy then you can do it easily to make your health gear up and make you stay efficient and fit all the way through. I you want to create and account at the website  by following just few simple steps.


  • First of all you need to open up the website by following the link
  • You will see the page where many options would be given and you will see STEP 1 written there.
  • This step will allow you to create an account with the website so you will click on it and get started.
  • There again you will see the option which would be in the form of a dialog box that would be showing SIGN UP written there. You will have to click on it to proceed.
  • Then you will be asked the question whether you have MY Pharmacy Account or not.
  • If you have it you will choose the option saying yes otherwise NO.
  • Suppose you do not have it so you will click on No.
  • After that a form will appear that you will have to fill.
  • You will have to enter you first name, your last name and your e-mail address in the first box.
  • In the next box you will be giving your account information.
  • Your account information will include your username and password that you would want to create; you will confirm your password and then select your security question and the security answer to it.
  • Then in the next box you will confirm your age.
  • After that you will be answering whether you already have a wellness card or not.
  • At the final stage you will enter the verification code and then click on SIGN UP.
  • Now you will redirected towards the page where you can select the option “My Coupon” and you can select the category of the coupon , add your coupons click on “Clip” to get the coupon.
  • You can manage your account and can checkout at the last.


  • You can easily manage your account with the online means.
  • The online method of sign up is easy and takes a very little time.
  • You do not have to go out or make any efforts to sign up with the website and make your life better.

About Rite Aid:

Rite Aid is the platform for those people who are aged and want to maintain their health. They can get many different aids and helps through this platform.

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