Complete Logan’s Roadhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey

Guest satisfaction surveys of various companies make people comfortable that they have finished their duty as a customer. When you come back from any of the restaurant or store chain, it is your duty to take part in their guest satisfaction survey if they are providing this facility. Almost all of the leading and famous companies provide this facility these days to know about the reaction of their customers. Through the Roadhouse guest satisfaction survey you can easily give your views about the services provided by them and their whole company. There will be no restrictions set upon you during this process.


  • When you have made the connection of your device with the internet, open the following website which is .
  • On the first page that will appear, they will ask ‘serial number’ from you. This number will be written on the back of your receipt which you got from them after availing their services. So in any case if you forget this number, look at the back of your receipt.
  • Click the ‘Go’ button after writing this number.
  • Specify the date and timings when you visited them last time.
  • You need to give them overall rating regarding each of the thing provided by them.
  • Tell them whether everything had good taste and did it come up to your expectations or not.
  • Also inform them about the kind of services provided by their employees. Tell them directly whether they performed all their duties perfectly or there was some negligence on their part.
  • If you want them to add something into their menu you can write it in the respective box.
  • Provide your contact details to them and in the end you have to click the Finish button.


By giving your comments and opinion to the restaurant you will get to see a huge difference in the services they provided previously and the services they will provide after getting your survey. They will reply you regarding everything you said or asked them.

About Company:

Logan’s Roadhouse is a restaurant chain where all the people of United States are highly welcomed. Any of their customers can get their membership card easily. Their main products are ice-cold longneck, fresh mesquite grilled steak etc. They provide people the source of laughter in their restaurant chain and make them enjoy a good music.

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